• Z-Flex Cleaning, Care & Maintenance (PDF)

  • Z-Block (PDF)

  • Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)

  • Bib Apron | Sizing & Additional Information (PDF)

  • EN Certifications for Hand Protection (PDF)

  • Z-Flex (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Silver Aluminized Fabrics (PDF)

  • Welding Fabrics (PDF)

  • NXP 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits (PDF)

  • NXP 750 Insulated Proximity Suit (PDF)

  • NXP 750 Kiln Suit (PDF)

  • NXP 150 & 550 Lightweight Proximity Suits (PDF)

  • High Temperature Fabrics (PDF)

  • Gloves and Mitts (PDF)

  • REACH_Registration.pdf

  • RoHS Compliance

  • Z-Flex Air P-202 for Firefighting (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Air O-422 for Industrial PPE (PDF)

  • Sizing Chart (PDF)

  • X10 Ultra-Lite Proximity Suit.pdf

  • Z-Flex Air P-202 - Chinese (PDF)

  • Zetex Fiberglass Ropes (PDF)

  • Fire Containment Bag (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Battery Fire Containment (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Turbine Blankets (PDF)

  • X30_Industrial_Proximity_Suit.pdf

  • X30_Proximity_Fire_Fighting_Suit.pdf

  • X50 Short Duration Fire Entry Suit (PDF)

  • X60_Advanced_Fire_Entry_Suit.pdf

  • Z-Flex Cleaning and Care Instructions (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Advancements in Aluminized Materials for Firefighting (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Pipe Insulation (PDF)

  • Z-Rock Basalt Wrap (PDF)

  • X50 Kiln Suit (PDF)

  • X20_Lightweight_Proximity_Suit.pdf

  • Application Bulletin: Aluminized Personal Protective Apparel (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card in Spanish (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card in Chinese (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card (PDF)

  • Battery Fire Risk Mitigation (PDF)

  • Hand Protect Catalog - Japanese (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card - Japanese (PDF)

  • X10 Ultra-Lite Proximity Suit - Japanese (PDF)

  • X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit - Japanese (PDF)

  • FireCape Fire Containment Cover (PDF)

  • Corespun Para Aramid Products SDS (PDF)

  • Oil Water Repel Treated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive SDS (PDF)

  • PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Block Fiberglass SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Fabrication Treated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Regular Treated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Rewettable Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Untreated Products SDS (PDF)

  • ZetexPlus Products SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Air - Japanese (PDF)

  • Newtex Engineered Systems Overview (PDF)

  • Newtex Performance Materials Overview (PDF)

  • Newtex Extreme Protective Overview (PDF)

  • Z-Block - Japanese (PDF)

  • FireCape Fire Containment Cover - Japanese (PDF)

  • Z-Block Fire and Smoke Curtains (PDF)

  • Zetex Steel Wire Reinforced Fabrics (PDF)

  • ZetexPlus Proscenium Fire Curtains (PDF)

  • FireCape brochure and testing data (PDF)

  • Coatings and Treatments (PDF)

  • Insulation Fabrics (PDF)

  • X Series Instructions for Use (PDF)

  • X40_Insulated_Proximity_Suit.pdf

  • X50 Kiln Entry Suit (PDF)

  • High Temperature Tapes and Sleeves (PDF)

  • Z-Flex MLA Aluminized Products SDS (PDF)

  • 3M Nextel Technical Reference Guide (PDF)

  • 3M Nextel High Temperature Application Bulletin (PDF)

  • Ceramic Products SDS (PDF)

  • Ceramic with Wire Products SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Tech Panther Felt Products SDS (PDF)

  • NFPA 1971:2018 Certificate for Z-Flex P-202 (PDF)

  • 3M Nextel Sewing Threads Data Sheet

  • Z-Shield Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Dyed Products (PDF)

  • Zetex with Stainless Steel Wire Products SDS (PDF)

  • Nextel 312 Ceramic Fabric Products SDS (PDF)

  • 304 Stainless Steel Products SDS (PDF)

  • OPAN Para-Aramid Blend Products (PDF)

  • Refrasil Textile Products SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Aluminum Foil Products (PDF)

  • Z-Sil Silica Products (PDF)

  • Z-Tech Aramid Tape Products (PDF)

  • Z-Tech FR Rayon Products SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Tuff F-500 and F-575 Silver Silicone Coated Product SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Tuff F-617 PTFE Coated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Supplier Statement for Prop 65, REACH, and RoHS (PDF)

  • Vendor Terms and Conditions

  • Custom Fabrication Services

  • ISO_9001-2015_Certificate_-_2020.pdf

  • X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit.pdf

  • 2021-Chemical-Regulatory-Survey-fillable.pdf

  • 2021-Chemical-Regulatory-Survey-fillable-v2.pdf

  • Aluminized_Fabric_Brochure_English.pdf


  • Product Video - Into the Heart of a Fire

  • Product Video - 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits

  • Product Video - BBC “How to Grow a Planet”

  • Product Video - Drone vs. Volcano


  • Newtex Industries, Inc. Announces its Acquisition of Gentex Corp’s Industrial Textile Division

    Newtex today announced it has successfully completed the acquisition of the Industrial Textile Division of Gentex Corp.
  • Bal and Anita Dixit honored as Outstanding Alumni

    Honored for their ongoing support of the university and career achievements with the Outstanding Alumni award, the highest honor
  • Newtex featured on WHEC TV’s Small Business Spotlight

    Take a tour of the Newtex plant with Rochester, New York's News10NBC and Brett Davidsen
  • Bal Dixit Lab for Advanced Materials and Fire Protection Opens at RIT

    The Golisano Institute for Sustainability at RIT dedicated the Bal Dixit Lab, named for Newtex's founder, in June 2018.
  • Newtex Acquires Thermostatic Industries, Inc

    By acquiring Thermostatic Industries, Newtex will add West Coast distribution and expand its portfolio of high temp solutions
  • Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag Trusted to Safeguard Against Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

    The Z-Block™ FCB is designed to contain fires caused by the Li-Ion batteries used to power laptops & personal electronic devices
  • Newtex Introduces TSO Approved FireCape® Fire Containment Covers

    Newtex enthusiastically received TSO-C203 approval for the FireCape® FCC from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Newtex Wins the Rochester Business Journal’s “Best of the Web” Award

    The Rochester Business Journal recognized with the 2016 “Best of the Web” award in the Manufacturing category.
  • HoverCover featured in CBS Money Watch

    "Hoverboards create new market: fire-resistant bags" on CBS Money Watch
  • Newtex Develops the HoverCover Fire Resistant Hoverboard Bag

    The HoverCover™ Fire Resistant Hoverboard Bag is designed to contain flames and explosions and to prevent fire from spreading.
  • Newtex Featured in Small Business SpotLight

    Newtex was featured in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle's Small Business Spotlight on November 8, 2015
  • Newtex Introduces the X Series

    New athletically-inspired proximity & fire entry suits engineered using the latest performance materials and apparel design
  • Newtex Introduces Z-Flex Air

    Newtex Introduces Z-Flex Air – Breathable Aluminized Fabrics for Firefighting and Industrial Operations
  • The “Volcano Diver” Trusts Newtex Extreme Protective

    The "Volcano Diver” repelled into the Marum Crater lava lake wearing a Newtex X Series Proximity Suit
  • Newtex Supports Two Bit Circus’ STEAM Gala

    Newtex donated an X30 Proximity Suit to the STEAM Gala in support of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math education.
  • Newtex and Trip & Co. Introduce the FireCape™ Cargo Fire Containment Cover

    Newtex and Trip & Co. Collaborate to Design, Manufacture, and Distribute FireCape Fire Containment Covers for Safe Transport
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    A Safe and Effective Way to Clean Z-Flex® Silver Aluminized Proximity Shells
  • Bal Dixit revisits time at Newtex Industries

    The Democrat and Chronicle interviewed Newtex's Founder, Bal Dixit
  • Cargo Fire Containment Covers

    Newtex’s Technical Advancements Reduce the Risk of Fatal Lithium Ion Battery Fires Aboard Aircrafts
  • Z-Flex Silver Proximity Shell

    Newtex Introduces NFPA Certified Z-Flex Silver at FDIC 2012
  • Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminization

    Newtex Introduces Z-Flex, the Next Generation of Multilayer Aluminized Fabrics


  • Accounting Associate

    Responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal entries, and general maintenance of the general ledger.
  • Operations Planner/Analyst

    The Operations Planner/Analyst is responsible for managing all processes and tasks to ensure the Newtex supply chain is running
  • Digital Marketing / eCommerce Specialist

    High energy, creative, self-directed, and data-driven marketing professional
  • Manufacturing Operator

    The Manufacturing Operator is responsible for the safe operation of all equipment and machinery
  • Sewer

    Sewer must be capable of satisfactorily sewing items using a sewing machine