Z-Flex Multi-Layer Aluminized Fabrics

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Advanced Aluminized Protection

Z-Flex® Multi-Layer Aluminized fabrics are specifically designed for protective apparel and shields used in environments that pose serious fire risk or safety hazards associated with hot works or radiant heat sources.

The proprietary Multi-Layer Aluminization (MLA) process delivers outstanding reflectivity, durability and flex-bond. When deployed properly, protective gear made with Z-Flex® MLA reflects up to 95% of heat, with no organic flame contribution. Z-Flex® fabrics have been independently tested against the most demanding US & EN standards and have proven to consistently deliver superior performance against competitive offerings.

Fabric choices include texturized and filament E-glass, spun and core spun aramids, O-PAN / aramid blends, FR rayon, Nomex®, PBI and others. The temperature ratings of the base fabrics range from 500°F - 2000°F (260°C - 1095°C). Z-Flex®  Aluminization resists radiant heat up to 3000°F (1650°C).


Image of Z-Flex Silver

Z-Flex Silver 

NFPA 1971:2013 certified. Engineered to provide superior protection to front line ARFF personnel.

Image of Z-Flex Air

Z-Flex Air 

Z-Flex Air is a breathable aluminized fabric that provides the same protection as standard Z-Flex

Image of Z-Flex Glass

Z-Flex Glass 

Insulated Radiant Heat Protection

Image of Z-Flex Aramid

Z-Flex Aramid 

Abrasion resistance and unmatched radiant heat protection

Image of Z-Flex Performance Blends

Z-Flex Performance Blends 

Aluminized O-PAN, Rayon, PBI, & Performance Blends

Image of Z-Flex Aluminum Foil

Z-Flex Aluminum Foil 

A cost effective alternative to Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminized fabrics