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Image of Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight 

Credit: Brett Davidsen, WHEC-TV, LLC

Take a tour of Newtex's Victor, New York headquarters with CEO Jerry Joliet and WHEC TV's Brett Davidsen. This Small Business Spotlight segment aired on Rochester's WHEC TV on February 20, 2019

Image of The Volcano Diver

The Volcano Diver 

Credit: Sam Cossman

Sam Cossman, the "Volcano Diver", wore Newtex's X30 Proximity Suit to protect himself from lava splash and extreme temperatures while venturing further into the Marum Crater than any man before him.

Image of FCC Box Burn Test

FCC Box Burn Test 

Credit: Newtex

The FireCape Fire Containment Cover successfully completed 6 hours of live fire testing to meet the SAE AS 6453 and ISO 14186:2013 standards. The FireCape Fire Containment Cover earned TSO-C203 Approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in October 2016.

Image of The Temperature is Newtex

The Temperature is Newtex 

Credit: Newtex

For over 35 years, Newtex has set the standard for high temperature textiles and engineered solutions for thermal management and fire protection. Learn about our Performance Materials, Engineered Systems, and Extreme Protective Apparel.

Image of The Future of Proximity Gear

The Future of Proximity Gear 

Credit: Newtex

This video illustrates how Z-Flex Silver provides greater protection than structural firefighting gear and protects for longer than the leading competitive proximity outer shell.

Image of Dunk Tank Flambé

Dunk Tank Flambé 

Credit: Two Bit Circus and ToyShoppe Systems

We teamed up with Two Bit Circus last year as part of their 2014 STEAM Carnival to support a spectacular, reimagined experience that showcased the raw power and creativity of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This spectacle is the Dunk Tank Flambé.

Image of Into the Heart of a Fire

Into the Heart of a Fire 

Credit: National Geographic TV

This video was filmed by BBC for a European series titled "How Earth Made Us". It was distributed in the US by National Geographic TV. The video features Newtex's NXP 2000 Series Fire Entry Suit.

Image of BBC “How to Grow a Planet”

BBC “How to Grow a Planet” 

Credit: BBC

Iain Stewart braves a grass fire wearing an NXP 750 suit. Filmed by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in South Africa.

Image of ZetexPlus Fabric

ZetexPlus Fabric 

Credit: Newtex

See ZetexPlus® in action. The vermiculite coated texturized fiberglass can tolerate temperatures up to 2000°F (1095°C).

Image of 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits

2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits 

Credit: The Learning Channel

Newtex's NXP 2000 and 3000 Series Suits are designed to provide the ultimate protection from flashover and engulfment.