Newtex Introduces TSO Approved FireCape® Fire Containment Covers

Monday, October 24, 2016 (Atlantic City, NJ) — For Immediate Release

Newtex announced today at the start of the 2016 FAA Fire and Cabin Safety Research Conference that they have received FAA TSO-C203 approval for their FireCape® brand of Fire Containment Covers. 

The TSO-C203 approval requires a fire containment cover (FCC) to meet a demanding list of material requirements for flammability, puncture resistance, and resistance to UV, humidity, and fungus. The approval also requires a full-scale box burn test in which the FCC must contain a Class A fire for 6 hours without breaching or punch-through of flames and without permitting external thermocouples to exceed 400°F (204°C). 

Newtex is one of only two companies that offers a TSO approval for their FCC, and the only company in the world that is a vertically integrated textile company and expert in fabricated thermal management and fire protection solutions.

The company has been manufacturing high temperature materials since 1978, and for the past decade, Newtex has been involved in the development and testing of fire containment solutions designed specifically for cargo pallets and Lithium-Ion battery fire containment. Though testing with Lithium-Ion batteries is not a requirement for TSO approval, Newtex has tested the FireCape® with pallets of Lithium-Ion batteries due to the ubiquitous presence of batteries in today’s cargo shipments. 

The FireCape® is designed, manufactured, and tested in the United States, and it is now available in three standard sizes and custom sizes. It is made with Newtex’s proprietary Z-Block fire-resistant materials which have been extensively tested by UL, the FAA, and other independent labs. A full listing of the capabilities and testing can be found on

The FireCape® is available immediately from Newtex, as well as from Newtex’s European partner, Trip & Co, a leading manufacturer and distributor of netting and cargo products.

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About Newtex

Newtex is a global leader in high temperature fabrics and engineered systems for thermal management and fire protection. Our products are manufactured at our world-class ISO certified facility in Rochester, New York and distributed globally to a range of Fortune 500 industrial companies and military customers. We are the only fully integrated provider of woven materials and fabric-based systems that protect from extreme heat and fire – from proprietary glass yarn processing, to in-house weaving, coating and laminating, to custom designed and sewn systems. Our integrated expertise, in tandem with our highly rated team of customer service professionals, ensures you get the right materials or system design for your unique high temperature application.