Newtex Supports Two Bit Circus’ STEAM Gala

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) — For Immediate Release


Newtex enthusiastically donated an X30 Proximity Suit in support of Two Bit Circus’ STEAM Gala, an event that raises money and support for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math programs for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. 

The X30 Proximity Suit was used in an exhibit called the Dunk Tank Flambé, a daring twist on the standard carnival dunk tank filled with water. The Dunk Tank Flambé featured a chamber containing propane jets that produced a fire storm at the touch of a button. Members of the Two Bit Circus team took turns standing inside of the tank, fully protected by the X30 suit.

Eric Gradman, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Two Bit Circus, was one of the people who braved the Dunk Tank Flambé. Gradman reflected on his experience, “Everyone asks me ‘what did it feel like to be engulfed in flames?’ They’re disappointed when I tell them I didn't feel a thing. The fire was beautiful close up, but I stayed completely cool inside the Newtex suit."  

The X30 Proximity Suit featured in the tank is part of Newtex’s brand new line of X Series aluminized proximity and fire entry suits. The technologically advanced line incorporates comfort, durability, and athleticism with the outstanding radiant heat and flame protection of Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminization. The entire X Series line, featuring 6 new suits, will be available beginning in January 2015.

About Newtex

Newtex is a global leader in high temperature fabrics and engineered systems for thermal management and fire protection. Our products are manufactured at our world-class ISO certified facility in Rochester, New York and distributed globally to a range of Fortune 500 industrial companies and military customers. We are the only fully integrated provider of woven materials and fabric-based systems that protect from extreme heat and fire – from proprietary glass yarn processing, to in-house weaving, coating and laminating, to custom designed and sewn systems. Our integrated expertise, in tandem with our highly rated team of customer service professionals, ensures you get the right materials or system design for your unique high temperature application.