Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag Trusted to Safeguard Against Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Monday, January 23, 2017 (Victor, NY) — For Immediate Release

The Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag is designed to contain fires caused by the Lithium-Ion batteries used to power laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices (PED’s). Made from several layers of Newtex’s advanced Z-Block™, ZetexPlus®, and Z-Flex® Aluminum Foil materials, the bag has been tested extensively to ensure that heat and fire remain safely contained. The Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag is sold as a kit that also includes a Z-Sil™ Silica Fire Blanket and a pair of Z-Flex® X20 Gloves. The fire blanket is used to knock down flames and provide a barrier between the burning device and the flight attendant or first responder. The gloves provide heat and flame protection while allowing for sufficient dexterity to retrieve and secure a burning device.

Newtex’s first Fire Containment Bag (FCB) was created in partnership with a former Northwestern Airlines Safety Engineer and FAA Inspector in 2007. Since then, the original bag has been enhanced with the latest Newtex materials and upgraded features.

The Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag is now trusted by several of the world’s largest commercial airlines because it is made with Newtex fabrics that have passed an array of tests for flame penetration resistance, including FAR 25 Appendix F Part III from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The bag is also appealing to commercial airlines because it is lightweight, easy to store, and easy to use – without a requirement to add water or other chemical solutions. Jerry Joliet, Chief Executive Officer at Newtex, commented on the advantages of the Z-Block™ FCB solution, “The priority is to get the flaming device covered, contained, and removed from the cabin as quickly as possible. The Z-Block™ FCB is the fastest, safest and most effective way to do that. I question the concept of having to add water to a containment bag, which takes precious seconds, while panic spreads in the cabin.”

The Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag is currently available in two standard sizes. Size and features are also customizable to specific customer’s requirements. The bag is designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States. It is available directly from Newtex for fleet requirements and on Amazon for personal use. Please visit newtex.com/FCB for additional information.

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