Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminization

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 (Victor, New York) — For Immediate Release

After three years of development with leading thin-film technologists, Newtex Industries, Inc. is proud to introduce Z-Flex®, a technically advanced line of aluminized fabrics featuring a proprietary MLA™ process. Manufacturers of "Radiant Heat Resistant" systems for personal protective apparel and equipment can now make a superior choice with Z-Flex®.

"We are excited about the level of performance we've been able to achieve", said Doug Bailey, VP of Sales and Business Development. "Our goal was to match the performance of the market leaders.  All the testing data indicates that we have exceeded that goal with Z-Flex® MLA process".

The Z-Flex® MLA proprietary process incorporates a five-layer protective barrier and bonding system that delivers unsurpassed radiant reflectivity, superior moisture and vapor protection, as well as outstanding flex bonding in addition to the performance features offered by the application of optimized substrate fabrics.

In the rigid 3000°F radiant heat testing, 1000 cycle wet-flex testing, and both iron and aluminum molten metal splash testing, Z-Flex® MLA Fabrics surpassed and outperformed the competition. After extensive internal testing, independent certified lab testing, and continuous field evaluations, Newtex is certain that Z-Flex® will provide its customers with the quality, consistency, and performance required - making it the right choice for any application.

Newtex Technical Manager, Laura Pritchard said, "The test process was comprehensive. The MLA process has multiple key performance variables. As we optimized each feature, we ensured all performance variables were improved or remained unchanged. We are very pleased with the end result".

The highly versatile Z-Flex® MLA process allows Newtex to couple this technology with a wide range of leading high performance technical fabrics including Zetex® texturized fiberglass, fine filament E-glass fabrics, Lenzing FR® Rayon, DuPont Nomex® and Kevlar®, PBI, and O-PAN/Para-Aramid blends. Additionally, Newtex offers its customers custom lamination of proprietary fabrics.

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Sarah Gulack, Marketing Manager

About Newtex

Newtex is a global leader in high temperature fabrics and engineered systems for thermal management and fire protection. Our products are manufactured at our world-class ISO certified facility in Rochester, New York and distributed globally to a range of Fortune 500 industrial companies and military customers. We are the only fully integrated provider of woven materials and fabric-based systems that protect from extreme heat and fire – from proprietary glass yarn processing, to in-house weaving, coating and laminating, to custom designed and sewn systems. Our integrated expertise, in tandem with our highly rated team of customer service professionals, ensures you get the right materials or system design for your unique high temperature application.