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    • Custom Fabrication Services

    • 3M Nextel High Temperature Application Bulletin (PDF)

      3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fabrics 312 and 440 are high performance materials used for a variety of high temperature sealing and heat shielding applications.

    • 3M Nextel Technical Reference Guide (PDF)

      Newtex is a distributor of 3M Nextel Continuous Filament Ceramic Oxide Fibers.

    • High Temperature Tapes and Sleeves (PDF)

      Newtex offers a specialized line of tapes and sleeves – including premium grade texturized fiberglass tapes and sleeves, vermiculite treated tapes and sleeves, bolt hole tapes, aluminum foil tapes, and basalt tapes – for use in high temperature gasketing, sealing, packing, lagging, insulation, and encapsulation applications.

    • X40_Insulated_Proximity_Suit.pdf

      The X40 Insulated Proximity Suit is a moderately insulated aluminized suit designed for industrial high temperature applications.

    • X Series Instructions for Use (PDF)

      Proper storage, cleaning, and inspection will ensure that your X Series Proximity Suit or Fire Entry Suit is in good condition and ready to provide maximum protection when needed.

    • Insulation Fabrics (PDF)

      Newtex manufactures a comprehensive line of innovative, high temperature fabrics, tapes, and tubings/sleevings for producing removable insulation pads, fabric expansion joints, and other fabricated high temperature systems.

    • Coatings and Treatments (PDF)

      Newtex offers over 20 standard high temperature coatings, treatments, and laminates that can be applied to most of our fabrics to meet the performance requirements of your application. Select from a variety of coatings and laminates to boost resistance to vapor, weathering, oil, water, chemicals, abrasion, flexural fatigue or UV radiation. Select from fabric treatments to improve handling, reduce airborne fibers, or simplify fabrication.

    • ZetexPlus Proscenium Fire Curtains (PDF)

      Newtex's custom-made proscenium fire safety curtains are designed for use in theaters, school auditoriums and other public performance areas.

    • Zetex Steel Wire Reinforced Fabrics (PDF)

      Zetex® Steel™ wire reinforced fabrics provide superior strength, puncture resistance, and heat resistance. The wire keeps the weave strong, making these fabrics ideal for high vibration environments. The wire also works to dissipate heat across the fabric, improving temperature resistance, and making wire reinforced fabrics a good fit for extreme temperature environments.

    • Z-Block Fire and Smoke Curtains (PDF)

      Newtex is a global leader in the fabrication of custom fire curtains, draft curtains, and smoke partitions.

    • Z-Block - Japanese (PDF)

    • Newtex Extreme Protective Overview (PDF)

      Our Extreme Protective division utilizes our expertise in material science, our experience in fabrication, and our state-of-the-art testing facilities to fabricate the safest and most trusted American-made protective apparel available.

    • Newtex Performance Materials Overview (PDF)

      Our industry leading heat and fire resistant fabrics are proudly made in our advanced textiles facility in upstate New York. We are known for our innovation and quality in textiles and coatings.

    • Newtex Engineered Systems Overview (PDF)

      Our Engineered Systems division couples the expertise we’ve gained in material science and thermodynamics with intellectual capital in design and fabrication to deliver custom fire curtains, fire containment systems, heat shields, and insulation systems.

    • Z-Flex Air - Japanese (PDF)

    • FireCape Fire Containment Cover (PDF)

      The TSO-C203 approved FireCape® Fire Containment Cover (FCC) provides peace of mind by significantly reducing the risks associated with cargo fire caused by hazardous materials like Lithium-Ion batteries. The FireCape® is constructed from Newtex’s Z-Block™ fire retardant fabric which exceeds the performance standards set by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and leading cargo carriers.

    • X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit - Japanese (PDF)

    • X10 Ultra-Lite Proximity Suit - Japanese (PDF)

    • X Series Line Card - Japanese (PDF)

    • Hand Protect Catalog - Japanese (PDF)

    • X Series Line Card (PDF)

      Newtex's X Series is a modern line of proximity suits and fire entry suits featuring the latest advances in fire protection, material science, and apparel design.

    • X Series Line Card in Chinese (PDF)

    • X Series Line Card in Spanish (PDF)

    • Application Bulletin: Aluminized Personal Protective Apparel (PDF)

      Aluminized personal protective apparel is used to protect against molten metal splash and excessive radiant heat. Often called proximity gear, or proximity suits – it is commonly used in foundries, metal processing operations, furnace maintenance jobs, industrial firefighting and a host of other applications and industries.

    • X20_Lightweight_Proximity_Suit.pdf

      The X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit is designed provide radiant heat protection and protection from minor molten metal splash.

    • X50 Kiln Suit (PDF)

      A well-insulated proximity suit designed for furnace and kiln maintenance and repair operations

    • Z-Rock Basalt Wrap (PDF)

      Z-Rock Basalt Tape is commonly used to wrap exhaust, pipes, cables, and hoses in automotive applications.

    • Application Bulletin: Pipe Insulation (PDF)

    • Application Bulletin: Advancements in Aluminized Materials for Firefighting (PDF)

    • Z-Flex Cleaning and Care Instructions (PDF)

      Garments made with Z-Flex Aluminized materials require special care and maintenance practices to ensure that they provide maximum protection when needed.

    • X60_Advanced_Fire_Entry_Suit.pdf

      The X60 Advanced Fire Entry Suit is a heavily insulated aluminized heat suit designed for fire entry and flame engulfment.

    • X50 Short Duration Fire Entry Suit (PDF)

      The X50 Short Duration Fire Entry Suit is a heavily insulated aluminized heat suit designed to protect from extreme heat, sparks, and brief engulfment or flashover.

    • X30_Proximity_Fire_Fighting_Suit.pdf

      An EN1486 certified proximity suit designed for proximity fire fighting applications like aircraft rescue fire fighting (ARFF),

    • X30_Industrial_Proximity_Suit.pdf

      A lightly insulated proximity suit for industrial high temperature applications

    • Application Bulletin: Turbine Blankets (PDF)

    • Application Bulletin: Battery Fire Containment (PDF)

    • Fire Containment Bag (PDF)

      The Z-Block Fire Containment Bag is designed to contain volatile fires caused by Lithium-Ion batteries in personal electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

    • Zetex Fiberglass Ropes (PDF)

      We manufacture braided and twisted fiberglass ropes for high temperature packing and sealing applications involving hot air, steam, water, fluids, or gases.

    • X10 Ultra-Lite Proximity Suit.pdf

      An extremely lightweight and flexible proximity suit intended for industrial high temperature applications.

    • Z-Flex Air P-202 for Firefighting (PDF)

      Z-Flex Air is the first and only NFPA component certified breathable aluminized fabric for proximity suits. It provides all of the radiant protection of Z-Flex with game-changing improvements in breathability and durability.

    • Gloves and Mitts (PDF)

      Newtex's high temperature gloves protect from heat and flame up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • High Temperature Fabrics (PDF)

      Our high temperature fiberglass fabrics and silica fabrics are used to fabricate a variety of high temperature solutions including removable insulation, lagging, fabric expansion joints, welding and equipment protection, fire and heat barriers, and safety apparel.

    • NXP 150 & 550 Lightweight Proximity Suits (PDF)

      The NXP 150 and NXP 550 Lightweight Proximity Suits are designed to protect from high temperatures, sparks, and molten metal splash. The vapor barrier in the NXP 550 suit also protects against high temperature steam.

    • NXP 750 Kiln Suit (PDF)

      The NXP 750 Kiln suit is well-insulated to protect from prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. This suit is most commonly used in maintenance operations.

    • NXP 750 Insulated Proximity Suit (PDF)

      The NXP 750 Insulated Proximity Suit is designed to protect from flames, molten metal splash, and extreme ambient and radiant temperatures.

    • NXP 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits (PDF)

      The NXP 2000 and NXP 3000 Fire Entry Suits are heavily insulated suits designed to protect from complete engulfment in fire and flames.

    • Welding Fabrics (PDF)

      We manufacture a range of coated fiberglass fabrics designed for welding safety applications like welding blankets and welding curtains. Options include Z-Shield acrylic coated fabrics, ZetexPlus vermiculite coated fabrics, and Z-Tuff silicone fabrics.

    • Z-Flex Silver Aluminized Fabrics (PDF)

      Z-Flex Silver are NFPA certified aluminized materials designed for aircraft rescue firefighting and other close proximity firefighters.

    • Z-Flex (PDF)

      Z-Flex Aluminized fabrics protect from fire, sparks, molten metal splash, and extreme radiant temperatures up to 3000°F.

    • Z-Block (PDF)

      Z-Block™ flame retardant fabrics are resistant to fire, smoke, and weather. Z-Block is commonly used to fabricate fire curtains, fire containment covers, and custom fire protection systems.

    • Z-Flex Cleaning, Care & Maintenance (PDF)

      Cleaning and care instructions for Z-Flex aluminized materials. Cleaning Z-Flex incorrectly will compromise its protective value.

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    • Into the Heart of a Fire

    • 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits

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    • Testing & Certification

    • ISO_9001-2015_Certificate_-_2020.pdf

    • Z-Tuff F-617 PTFE Coated Products SDS (PDF)

    • Z-Tuff F-500 and F-575 Silver Silicone Coated Product SDS (PDF)

    • Z-Tech FR Rayon Products SDS (PDF)

    • Z-Tech Aramid Tape Products (PDF)

    • Z-Sil Silica Products (PDF)

    • Z-Flex Aluminum Foil Products (PDF)

    • Refrasil Textile Products SDS (PDF)

    • OPAN Para-Aramid Blend Products (PDF)

    • 304 Stainless Steel Products SDS (PDF)

    • Nextel 312 Ceramic Fabric Products SDS (PDF)

    • Zetex with Stainless Steel Wire Products SDS (PDF)

    • Zetex Dyed Products (PDF)

    • Z-Shield Products SDS (PDF)

    • NFPA 1971:2018 Certificate for Z-Flex P-202 (PDF)

    • Z-Tech Panther Felt Products SDS (PDF)

    • Ceramic with Wire Products SDS (PDF)

    • Ceramic Products SDS (PDF)

    • Z-Flex MLA Aluminized Products SDS (PDF)

    • ZetexPlus Products SDS (PDF)

    • Zetex Untreated Products SDS (PDF)

    • Zetex Rewettable Products SDS (PDF)

    • Zetex Regular Treated Products SDS (PDF)

    • Zetex Fabrication Treated Products SDS (PDF)

    • Z-Block Fiberglass SDS (PDF)

    • PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread SDS (PDF)

    • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive SDS (PDF)

    • Oil Water Repel Treated Products SDS (PDF)

    • Corespun Para Aramid Products SDS (PDF)

    • RoHS Compliance

      Newtex is a RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant manufacturer.

    • REACH_Registration.pdf

      A European Union regulation designed to protect human health and the environment

    • EN Certifications for Hand Protection (PDF)

      EN 407 and EN 388 performance for Zetex, ZetexPlus, and Z-Flex gloves and mitts.