Engineered Systems

In addition to being a global leader in high temperature fabrics and apparel, Newtex also offers world-class custom fabrication services. We utilize our more than four decades of experience in insulation and fire protection solutions and our extensive portfolio of high temperature tapes, ropes, and fabrics to develop high performance custom fabricated systems for unique high temperature environments. Utilizing fiberglass, ceramics, silicone, and other specialized high temperature materials, we fabricate custom high temperature gaskets, seals, insulation systems, and heat shields designed to withstand temperatures up to 2300°F / 1260°C.

On-Site Capabilities

Newtex has two primary fabrication facilities in Rochester, New York and Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our bi-coastal capabilities include:

  • On-demand prototyping capabilities
  • Auto-CAD drawings and support
  • State-of-the-art cutting and sewing equipment
  • In-house laboratory and testing facilities
  • Highly trained, experienced sewers and engineers


Custom Fabricated Products

  • Fire Containment Covers:  TSO-C203 approved fire containment covers certified to isolate and contain a palletized cargo fire for 6 hours.
  • Fire Containment Bags: Fire resistant cases used to prevent the spread of battery fires caused by laptops and other personal electronic devices.
  • Fire Curtains: Custom-made fire and smoke curtains designed to contain and channel fire and smoke in warehouses, theaters, hangars, and other public spaces.  
  • Fire Blankets: Custom fire protection blankets are designed to extinguish fires and can also be used to protect surfaces from high temperatures and flames.
  • Insulation Blankets:  Made-to-order insulation jackets are designed to withstand high temperatures and improve operational efficiency. They can be easily removed for routine maintenance and inexpensively replaced when necessary. Our custom insulation jackets are often used for steam pipe insulation, tank insulation, and turbine covers.
  • Fabric Expansion Joints, expansion pillows, and stress relieving pads to absorb vibration and changes in pressure in high temperature environments
  • Custom Gaskets and Seals including door gaskets, flange gaskets, muffler gaskets, tadpole gaskets and seals, bellows, box seals, gang seals, and cone seals.

Testing and Certification

We coordinate with independent, certified labs to offer the following system certifications:

  • North America: UL, NFPA, ASTM, CFM, US Mil-Spec
  • European: BS, EN, CE
  • Military & Government: US Mil-Spec, NRC, BMS