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High temperature fabrics, tapes, and systems are used for automotive heat shielding, thermal insulation, and fire protection applications on cars, aircraft, agricultural equipment, and other heavy machinery. 

Automotive heat shields like aluminized tapes and heat barriers are used to reflect heat away from fuel lines, hoses, the interior of the vehicle, and other components for improved performance and efficiency. Heat resistant tapes and custom insulation blankets are used in thermal insulation applications to improve fuel efficiency and operational performance while protecting vehicle operators from hot surfaces. 

In addition to offering off-the-shelf automotive heat shields and thermal insulation fabrics, Newtex also designs and manufactures custom, multi-layer heat shields and insulation blankets for agricultural equipment and heavy machinery.

For air and ground transport, fire-resistant fabrics and fire containment systems are used to prevent the spread of fire caused by hazardous cargo like Lithium-Ion batteries, flammable chemicals, or undeclared goods. Fire containment systems include pallet-sized fire containment covers, covers for intermediate bulk containers (IBC), and laptop fire containment bags.

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Application Description Recommended Products
Automotive Floor Mats Aluminized insulation mats for sound and heat control
Automotive Heat Shields Protect starters, hoses, wires, mufflers, or other car parts from radiant heat
Turbo Covers and Custom Insulation Blankets Reduce under-hood temperatures for improved performance
Exhaust Pipe Wrap Lower intake temperatures for improved performance
Fire Containment Systems In the cargo industry, fire containment covers are used to prevent the spread of fire.