Food & Other Processing

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High temperature fabrics and tapes are used extensively throughout facilities that operate high temperature processing equipment. Newtex's insulation and sealing products can ensure operational performance and reduce energy costs. Our welding fabrics and protective apparel can be used to shield workers and equipment from fire, sparks, and extreme heat.


Application Description Recommended Products
Thermal Insulation & Heat Shielding Fabrics and tapes are used to fabricate pads, blankets, curtains, shields, and wraps to retain heat or protect equipment and workers from a heat source
Insulation Facing Facing for thermal and acoustical insulation provides protection from moisture, mechanical damage and air ablation
Lagging & Encapsulation Rewettable fabrics and tape used to encapsulate hazardous materials
Removable Insulation Systems Fabrics and glass mat insulation used for custom pre-fabricated insulation systems allowing access for maintenance and repair
Fabric Expansion Joints Multi-layer fabric systems can be used as expansion joints (compensators) in high temperature processing equipment and piping.
Gasketing & Sealing High temperature tapes and ropes are used in a wide range of sealing applications, from mold and oven seals to flange gasketing and pipe wrap
Welding & Hot Works Protection Coated fabrics can be used to make blankets, covers, and pads used to protect people and equipment from grinding sparks, fire, and molten metal slag/splash
Personal Protective Equipment Fiberglass, aramids, and aluminized fabrics are used to make high temperature gloves & mitts, fire entry & proximity suits, and other high temperature safety apparel to protect crews from sparks, fire, molten metal splash, and extreme heat