Foundry Casting & Glass

Poster Image of Foundry Casting & Glass Application/Industry

ZetexPlus® and Z-Flex® Aluminized fabrics are commonly utilized in foundries and casting operations because they provide exceptional protection from intense heat, sparks, and molten metal splash. These materials are used to fabricate gloves and mitts for holding hot metal and glass objects, high temperature tapes for conveying items in and out of ovens, ropes and tubing for high temperature gasketing, and welding blankets and protective apparel for protecting workers and facilities. Newtex Extreme Protective (NXP) Apparel is also commonly used for these applications. Our proximity suits, gloves, aprons, and other aluminized apparel provide the ultimate high temperature protection.


Application Description Recommended Products
Personal Protective Apparel Aluminized fabrics are commonly utilized to make high temperature gloves & mitts, fire entry & proximity suits, and other high temperature that will be used in foundries. Aluminized fabrics offer exceptional protection from extreme radiant temperatures.
Gasketing & Sealing High temperature tapes and ropes are used in a wide range of sealing applications, from mold and oven seals to flange gasketing and pipe wrap
Hot Works Protection Coated fabrics can be used to make blankets, covers, and pads used to protect people and equipment from grinding sparks, fire, and molten metal slag/splash