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Enhances Ease of Handling and Fabrication

Heat Cleaned (HC)

Heat Cleaned fabrics are treated at high temperatures to remove broken filaments and manufacturing finishes like binders and lubricants. The process improves weave stability while reducing skin irritation and airborne fibers. Removing manufacturing finishes also reduces the amount of smoke the product will generate when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Fabrication Treatment (FAB)

Fabrication Treatment is an acrylic coating applied to one side of the fabric. The treatment is designed to improve weave stability and abrasion resistance, prevent fraying and make the fabric easier to cut.

Regular Treatment (RT)

Regular Treatment is a very light acrylic coating applied to improve weave set and reduce skin irritation. The Regular Treatment is a lighter coating than the Fabrication Treatment. It is applied to both sides of the fabric and resists temperatures up to 1000°F / 540°C. Regular Treatment does not impact the strength of a fabric.

Oil and Water Resistance (OWR)

Oil & Water Resistance is a lightweight protective coating applied to fabrics to prevent wicking and to improve resistance to oil and water. It improves abrasion resistance and tolerates temperatures up to 1000°F / 540°C.

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