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Silicone and PTFE Coatings for Abrasion, Weather, and Chemical Resistance

Our PTFE and silicone products are commonly used as the outer layer in fabricated systems that protect insulated pipes and equipment from the environment. These fabrics are also frequently used in products that protect workers and facilities from heat and fire. They offer superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, and heat. The PTFE coating provides added toughness and chemical resistance while the silicone coating provides strong weather, water, and abrasion resistance.  The silicone coating comes standard in silver, but it is also available in red by special request for large orders.

The silicone coating can withstand peak temperatures up to 500°F / 260°C and the PTFE coating can withstand peak temperatures up to 600°F / 315°C.  The coatings will char or disintegrate at these temperatures, however, the base fabric beneath the coating likely has a higher heat tolerance.  

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