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PPE featuring Z-Flex Air is now available from Chicago Protective Apparel

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WATCH How Z-Flex Compares to Competitive Aluminized Fabrics

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Z-Flex Air Breathable Aluminized Fabric

Proximity suits and aluminized clothing are intended to protect from radiant energy, however, in high-temperature ambient environments, traditional aluminized fabrics are linked to increased risk of heat stress. Z-Flex Air, the first ever breathable aluminized fabric, is designed to keep you cool, comfortable, productive, and protected in high-temperature ambient environments. We use a proprietary micro-perforation process to optimize the placement, pattern, and dimensions of micro-perforations to create a breathable radiant barrier that offers all of the same radiant heat protection as standard Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminized fabrics.

Benefits of Z-Flex Air:

  • Breathability: Body heat and sweat can escape through the proprietary micro-perforated fabric.
  • Radiant Heat Protection: Z-Flex Air features the same high-temperature protection you have come to expect from standard Z-Flex.
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance: The micro-perforation process creates a textured layer that helps protect the surface of the fabric from abrasion and wear.
  • Improved Bonding: The micro-perforation process creates a mechanical bond that works with the adhesive's chemical bond to improve the adherence between the aluminization and base fabric, further reducing the risk of de-lamination.

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Product Image for Item #1100325

Z-Flex Silver Air P-202 58”

  • Item: 1100325
  • Weight: 7.40 oz/sq yd250 g/sq m
  • Thickness: 24 mils0.61 mm
  • Length: 50.00 yards45.72 m
  • Style: P-202
  • Width: 58.00 in147.00 cm
  • Radiant Temp: 3000 °F1650 °C
Product Image for Item #1100218-22001

Z-Flex II Air O-440 58” Aluminized O/A MK

  • Item: 1100218-22001
  • Weight: 14.50 oz/sq yd492 g/sq m
  • Thickness: 45 mils1.14 mm
  • Length: 50.00 yards45.72 m
  • Style: O-440
  • Width: 58.00 in147.30 cm
  • Radiant Temp: 3000 °F1650 °C
  • Ends X Picks: 54 x 54