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NFPA 1971 Certified Aluminized Fabrics

Z-Flex® Silver™ multilayer aluminized fabrics are specifically engineered to provide durability, comfort, and superior protection from radiant energy in proximity firefighting applications, including aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF). By reflecting up to 95% of radiant energy, Z-Flex® Silver fabrics allow close flame proximity while reducing the rate of heat absorption that can lead to thermal fatigue. 

Z-Flex Silver is available in three NFPA 1971 certified styles:

  • Z-Flex Silver P-202 features a Mock-Knit™ flame resistant fabric base by PBI Performance Products. 
  • Z-Flex Silver Air P-202 features a perforated Mock-Knit PBI base for breathable protection for heat and fire.

These NFPA 1971 certified heat shielding fabrics are now available from leading proximity suit manufacturers including:

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The Anatomy of Z-Flex Silver Fabrics

Layer 1: Z-Flex® Aluminized Film
High purity aluminum particles act as a radiant heat barrier, reflecting up to 95% of high temperature infrared radiant energy from heat and flames.

Layer 2: High-Temperature Film
A high temperature barrier film significantly reduces conductive heat transfer through the fabric system.

Layer 3: Z-Flex® Aluminized Film
A secondary layer of pure aluminum particles increases the effectiveness of the outer heat shield while providing added reflectivity and another layer of fire protection.

Layer 4: Proprietary Bonding System
An advanced thermo-set polymer system delivers superior thermal performance over traditional rubber-based adhesives.

Layer 5: 3D Mock-Knit™ Fabric 
The Mock-Knit design featured in the P-202 flame resistant fabrics is a patented, innovative weave structure that delivers the hand and comfort of a knit while providing the strength and insulation of a woven fabric. The multidimensional weave structure significantly enhances the bond between the aluminized film and the fabric, leading to improved field performance and a longer life for the aluminized fabric and proximity suit.

Z-Flex Silver has been tested to the following standards:

  • NFPA 1971:2018

Common Applications

  • NFPA Certified Proximity Suits
  • Proximity Suits for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF)
  • Aluminized Clothing (Jackets, Pants, Shrouds)
  • Heat Shields

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Product Image for Item #1100391

Z-Flex II P-202 58” MK Aluminized

  • Item: 1100391
  • Weight: 7.50 oz/sq yd251 g/sq m
  • Thickness: 24 mils0.61 mm
  • Length: 50.00 yards45.72 m
  • Style: P-202
  • Width: 58.00 in147.00 cm
  • Radiant Temp: 3000 °F1648 °C
Product Image for Item #1100390

Z-Flex II K-252 58” MK Aluminized

  • Item: 1100390
  • Weight: 9.00 oz/sq yd305 g/sq m
  • Thickness: 31 mils0.79 mm
  • Length: 50.00 yards45.72 m
  • Style: K-252
  • Width: 58.00 in147.00 cm
  • Radiant Temp: 3000 °F1650 °C