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Need Radiant Heat Protection? Have You Heard About Z-Flex?

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Welding fabric with reflective pigment for radiant heat protection

Z-Shield™ heavyweight welding fabrics are silver in color. They feature a substantial Zetex® fiberglass fabric base treated with a reflective silver acrylic coating. The Z-Shield™ Silver acrylic coating contains a silver pigment with reflective properties that reflect radiant heat while also protecting from sparks, extreme heat, and abrasion. 

The Z-Shield™ A-1220 Silver fabric combines the Z-Shield™ Silver coating with a Zetex® Steel™ wire fabric base. The Z-Shield™ A-1220 Silver style is ideal for applications that require a strong and vibration resistant welding fabric.

Z-Shield™ Silver heavyweight welding fabrics are only coated on one side. The silver side of the fabric should be positioned to face the heat source.

Z-Shield™ Silver heavyweight welding fabrics can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F / 540°C and protect from these high temperatures for a longer duration than lightweight and midweight welding fabrics.

Common Applications

  • Welding protection
  • Jacketing for multi-layer insulation systems
  • Heat shielding

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Product Image for Item #1100134

Z-Shield A-1220 60” Silver Wire, 1S

  • Item: 1100134
  • Weight: 39.00 oz/sq yd1322 g/sq m
  • Thickness: 72 mils1.83 mm
  • Length: 50.00 yards45.72 m
  • Style: A-1220
  • Width: 60.00 in152.00 cm
  • Operating Temp: 700 °F370 °C
  • Ends X Picks: 10 x 7