Ceramic Mat Provides Excellent Lightweight High Temperature Insulation up to 2400°F / 1316°C

Ceramic insulation is the highest temperature mat that Newtex offers. Our ceramic insulation is made from needled high temperature ceramic fibers and provides excellent lightweight fire resistant insulation up to 2400°F / 1316°C. Ceramic insulation is also commonly called “high temp insulation wool” or “ceramic fiber blanket”.

Ceramic insulation is commonly used in tube seals, furnace maintenance, high temperature gaskets, fabric expansion joints, and industrial insulation blankets. Though ceramic insulation has excellent thermal resistance, it does not provide as much strength or durability as glass mat.

Ceramic insulation is available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from ¼” to 2.0”. It is also available in 6 pound or 8 pound densities.  

Newtex also has custom fabrication capabilities and can manufacture custom ceramic high temperature insulation systems for your specific application. Visit the Newtex Engineered Systems section of our website to learn more.

Common Applications

  • Insulation Blankets and Pads
  • Tube Seals
  • Furnace Insulation and Maintenance
Product Image for Item #2350043

Z-Mat 0.5” 8# Ceramic Insulation 48”

  • Item: 2350043
  • Thickness: 500 mils12.70 mm
  • Length: 50.00 yards15.24 m
  • Width: 48.00 in122.00 cm