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Mats and Felts

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Mats and Felts for High Temperature Insulation

Image of Silica and Glass Mat
Silica and Glass Mat 

Silica and Glass Mat

Image of Ceramic Insulation
Ceramic Insulation 

Ceramic Insulation

Image of Panther Felt
Panther Felt 

Panther Felt™ is an inherently flame resistant felt insulation woven from PAN fiber, a precursor to carbon fiber.

Image of TREO Insulation Blanket
TREO Insulation Blanket 

TREO Insulation Blanket

Newtex offers a range of mats and felts designed for high temperature insulation including glass mat, silica mat, silicate fiber mat, ceramic insulation, and oxidized pan (OPAN) felt. These high temperature mats and felts are specifically engineered for high temperature industrial insulation and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 1000°F to 2300°F / 540°C to 1260°C. 

High temperature mats and felts are commonly used as high temperature insulation to conserve energy, improve operational efficiency, reduce noise, and protect workers around industrial furnaces, ovens, power generation equipment, and other high temperature equipment. High temperature insulation materials are also used in insulated protective apparel, like fire entry suits. 

Newtex’s high temperature insulation materials are flame resistant, asbestos-free, and are used in a wide variety of thermal management applications.

High Temperature Insulation Options:

  • Silica and Glass Mat: Needled silica fibers and glass mat are both used in high temperature insulation and sound suppression applications. Glass Mat can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F/650°C, and Silica Mat can withstand higher temperatures up to 1800°F/980°C
  • Ceramic Insulation: Needled ceramic fiber blanket is lightweight and provides excellent thermal management up to 2600°F / 1430°C. Ceramic insulation is the highest temperature insulation that Newtex offers.
  • Panther Felt™: OPAN fiber felt is durable, chemical resistant, and easy to cut and sew. Panther Felt™ withstands temperatures up to 1800°F/980°C
  • TREO® Silicate Fiber: TREO® silicate fiber mat is an eco-friendly high temperature fiber that works well for fabrication purposes. TREO® can withstand temperatures up to 1800°F/980°C