PTFE and Kevlar Threads

PTFE-coated fiberglass threads and Kevlar® threads are durable and temperature resistant. High temperature sewing threads are often used to fabricate protective clothing, welding and fire blankets, and removable insulation.

PTFE-coated fiberglass thread is chemical and UV resistant, and it does not burn. Manufactured from continuous filament fiberglass yarn and then uniformly coated with PTFE, this high temperature coated thread is strong and flexible, and the smooth PTFE coating offers a lubricity that promotes sewing efficiency. PTFE-coated fiberglass thread can withstand operating temperatures up to 600°F / 315°C, at which point the PTFE coating starts to degrade. The filament fiberglass beneath the PTFE can withstand peak temperatures up to 1000°F / 540°C. Our E-18 and E-24 high temperature threads both meet ASTM D4030M. The E-24 high temperature thread also meets MIL-SPEC MIL-C-20079 Type 3, Class 3

Kevlar® thread is a flame retardant, self-extinguishing, and thermally stable sewing thread. Recognized for its strength, Kevlar® thread is more than twice as strong as nylon or polyester thread. Kevlar® thread is durable and abrasion resistant, but it has limited stretch. The maximum recommended operating temperature for this high temperature thread is 400°F / 205°C. Kevlar® thread decomposes at 800°F / 425°C. Newtex's Kevlar® threads are NFPA component-certified for use in fire fighting ensembles and flame-resistant clothing.

Typical Applications & Industries

Personal Protective Apparel, Insulation, Lagging & Covers,

Product Image for Item #1400005

30/3 Aramid Thread, Black

  • Item: 1400005
  • Operating Temp: 400 °F205 °C
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30/3 Aramid Thread, Yellow

  • Item: 1400004
  • Operating Temp: 400 °F205 °C
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E-24 Fiberglass Thread, PTFE Coating

  • Item: 1400002
  • Style: E-24
  • Operating Temp: 600 °F315 °C
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E-18 Fiberglass Thread, PTFE Coating

  • Item: 1400001
  • Style: E-18
  • Operating Temp: 600 °F315 °C