Heat Resistant Tapes

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Newtex manufactures a range of heat resistant tapes designed to withstand high temperatures up to 2000°F / 1095°C. Fiberglass tapes, basalt tapes, and aluminum foil tapes are commonly used in high temperature gasketing, sealing, lagging, thermal insulation, and encapsulation applications around furnaces, ovens, and hot pipes. 

Customize Your Heat Resistant Tape:

  • Most of our tapes are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

  • Custom lengths, widths, and weaves are available when minimum order requirements are met.

  • Any of our heat resistant fabrics can also be slit into custom tape widths. 

Minimum Order Quantities: All standard styles of heat resistant tape are sold in cases of 10 rolls. If you need fewer than 10 rolls, we may be able to refer you to a distributor. Larger minimum order quantities apply for custom heat resistant tapes. Contact us for more information.

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Heat resistant tapes for high temperature gasketing, sealing, and insulation applications

Image of 3M Nextel Tapes
3M Nextel Tapes 

Newtex is an authorized distributor of 3M Nextel Ceramic Tapes

Image of Zetex Fiberglass Tapes
Zetex Fiberglass Tapes 

Zetex and ZetexPlus Fiberglass Tapes are used in high temperature insulation, lagging, and gasketing applications.

Image of Z-Flex Foil Tapes
Z-Flex Foil Tapes 

Z-Flex Aluminum Foil Tapes are used in thermal insulation and lagging applications requiring heat reflectivity and radiant heat protection.

Image of Z-Rock Basalt Tapes
Z-Rock Basalt Tapes 

Z-Rock Basalt Tapes are strong heat resistant tapes most commonly used in automotive applications.

Image of Silica and Ceramic Tapes
Silica and Ceramic Tapes 

Silica and Ceramic Tapes Resist Extreme Temperatures up to 1800F

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