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Newtex manufactures a range of aluminized clothing, proximity suits, fire entry suits, and high heat gloves for use in foundry and casting operations, power generation plants, processing facilities, and other environments where crews are exposed to hot works. 

All of our heat-protective clothing is made with Z-Flex® Aluminized Fabrics, the most durable and effective radiant heat protection available. Z-Flex® continues to protect from second-degree burns when alternative aluminized fabrics burn-through. Z-Flex® aluminized clothing reflects up to 95% of radiant energy, protects from flames and sparks, and sheds molten metal splash.


The Z-Flex® Fabrics used to make our aluminized clothing have been tested to the following standards:

  • Radiant Heat Testing: ISO 6942, EN 366, ASTM F1939 
  • Convective Heat Testing: ISO 9151, EN 367 
  • Limited Flame Spread Testing: ISO 15052, EN 532 
  • Molten Metal Testing: ISO 9185, EN 348, ASTM F955 
  • Abrasion & Tear Resistance Testing: ISO 13937, EN 388

Aluminized jackets, hoods, pants, boots and boot covers are all available for purchase individually or as part of a proximity suit set. Lightweight and protective aluminized aprons and aluminized sleeves are also available. All Z-Flex® aluminized clothing is designed and manufactured in the United States. 

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Z-Flex aluminized clothing, including jackets, pants, and aprons, reflect up to 95% of radiant heat

Image of Jackets

Lightweight aluminized jackets provide comfortable protection from heat, sparks, and molten metal splash.

Image of Aprons

Aluminized Aprons provide heat protection for the torso with better mobility than a jacket.

Image of Sleeves

Aluminized sleeves protect the arms while allowing for better mobility than a full jacket.

Image of Hoods

Aluminized hoods with a full shoulder length drape provide complete protection for the head, face, and neck.

Image of Pants

Aluminized pants are lightweight and feature sewn-in suspenders for extreme protection and comfort.

Image of Boots & Boot Covers
Boots & Boot Covers 

Aluminized spats and boots are worn over work boots to protect from heat, sparks, and molten metal splash.