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Newtex high temperature gloves are made from Zetex®, ZetexPlus®, Z-Flex®, and Aramid fabrics to withstand heat up to 2000°F / 1095°C while providing outstanding comfort, thermal insulation, wear resistance, and protection from heat, flames, sparks, and molten metal splash. All of our high temperature gloves are:

  • Double stitched and reinforced

  • Constructed from high heat inorganic fibers, so they will not produce hazardous outgassing

  • Manufactured at the Newtex headquarters in Victor, New York, USA 

Gloves vs. Mitts:  Many of Newtex's high temperature gloves are available as either gloves or mitts. We recommend gloves for applications that require dexterity, and we recommend mitts for applications which require additional insulation for heat protection, added comfort, and longer wear. Mitts are reversible because either mitt can be worn on the left or right hand. If the palm of a mitt gets damaged, the wearer can flip the mitt and wear it on the opposite hand to extend the usable life of the product.

Size & Length:  Many of Newtex's high temperature gloves are available in 11”, 14”, or 23” lengths. The 14” length provides heat protection past the wrist, while the 23” length protects to the elbow. All of our high temperature gloves come in just one size, designed to fit all users. The gloves are designed to fit loosely so that the user can remove them quickly and easily in the event their hands get too hot.

Minimum Order Requirements:  High temperature gloves are sold in case pack quantities of 8 or 12 pairs, depending on the style of the glove. If you require fewer than 8-12 pairs, please visit the Newtex Storefront on Amazon.

Custom High Temperature Gloves:  Custom lengths and constructions are available upon request when minimum order requirements are met. Please contact us with questions.

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American-made high temperature gloves protect from heat up to 2000F

Image of Zetex | 100 Series
Zetex | 100 Series 

Heat resistant gloves made from Zetex® Fiberglass Fabric for superior thermal insulation to 1000°F

Image of ZetexPlus | 200 Series
ZetexPlus | 200 Series 

Heat resistant gloves made from ZetexPlus® Vermiculite Fabric for extreme heat protection to 2000°F

Image of Z-Flex | 300 Series
Z-Flex | 300 Series 

Aluminized Gloves made from Z-Flex® Aluminized Fabric to protect from high radiant temperatures, sparks, and molten metal splash.

Image of CS Aramid | 400 Series
CS Aramid | 400 Series 

Cut resistant and heat resistant gloves made from core spun aramid for protection to 750°F

Image of Overmitts & Finger Cots
Overmitts & Finger Cots 

Protective Overmitts and Finger Cots made from Zetex® and ZetexPlus® materials for protection up to 2000°F

Image of Custom Gloves & Mitts
Custom Gloves & Mitts 

Choose your own construction, length, and insulation materials to design custom high temperature gloves