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Fire curtains channel and contain fire and smoke to limit property damage and save lives

Newtex manufactures custom-made fire containment curtains designed to channel and contain fire and smoke to limit property damage and prevent loss of life in the event of a fire. Newtex specializes in manufacturing the static fire containment curtain component of fire protection systems but partners with leading automation and engineering firms to deliver automated fire curtains, rigging, and installation services. 

Building codes require the installation of fire curtains in most public spaces including theaters, schools, and warehouses. Newtex manufactures most fire containment curtains from two different high temperature fabrics: Proscenium fire containment curtains made from ZetexPlus fabric specifically designed for use in theaters and flexible commercial fire and smoke curtains made from Z-Block fabric specifically designed for use in warehouses and public spaces. In addition to the proscenium fire curtains and commercial fire and smoke curtains detailed here, Newtex can manufacture custom fire containment curtains from any of our high temperature fabrics. Other options include Z-Flex® Aluminized curtains for heat shielding and Z-Shield™ welding curtains for spark protection. 

The ZetexPlus® proscenium fire containment curtain, commonly known as safety curtains, are installed behind the proscenium arch of an auditorium or theater stage. Made from ZetexPlus® vermiculite-coated fiberglass fabric, this theater fire containment curtain is designed to be used in combination with automatic sprinkler systems and smoke vents to safely evacuate an audience in the event of a fire. Proscenium fire curtains are folded and stored above the stage and drop down to seal off the stage area from the rest of the theater in the event of a fire. Newtex fabricates all types of custom-made theater fire containment curtains including brail type fire curtains, straight lift fire curtains, border fire curtains, and smoke seals. ZetexPlus® proscenium fire curtains are listed and approved by the California State Fire Marshal's Office and the New York City Department of Buildings.

Newtex’s commercial fire and smoke curtains are made from Z-Block™ flame resistant fabric.  Newtex developed the Z-Block™ fabric specifically for channeling smoke and preventing the spread of fire in warehouses and hangars. Newtex fabricates a variety of custom-made fire containment curtains from Z-Block™ fabric. These include the draft curtain, static and automatic fire curtain, and elevator smoke curtain. Z-Block™ fire resistant fabric is commonly used in systems that meet the UL 10B Standard for fire tested doors and UL 10D Standards for fire protective curtains. 

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