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Z-Flex Aluminized Fabrics are also sold as roll goods

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Custom Fabric Heat Shields

A fabric heat shield is designed to reflect heat away from the machinery or equipment they cover. Newtex has decades of experience fabricating heat shield products that range from simple single-layer reflective blankets or fire curtains to multi-layer fitted reflective insulation systems designed to provide thermal insulation in addition to radiant heat protection. 

Heat shield system design can vary quite a bit depending on factors like the application requirements for the heat shield products, the maximum temperatures the system will be exposed to, the duration of time it will be exposed to high temperatures, exposure to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, or other hazards, and the parameters for installation. Newtex's engineers and technical team will work with you to develop, prototype, and test a heat shield products that meets the specific requirements of your high temperature application.

Fabric heat shield products most often feature a Z-Flex® Aluminized Fabric outer layer. Z-Flex® reflects up to 95% of radiant heat and protects from sparks, molten metal splash, and radiant temperatures up to 3000F, making it an ideal heat shield material.

Please Contact Us to discuss the specifics of your application.

Common Applications

  • Automotive floor mats, sleeving, and turbo covers
  • Radiant barriers for industrial equipment
  • Engine covers for agricultural and military vehicles

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