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Custom Insulation Blankets, Pads, and Covers for Thermal Management

Our flexible, custom-fabricated insulation blankets are often utilized to conserve energy, improve operational efficiency, protect workers from hot surfaces, or reduce noise pollution. 

We have almost 40 years of experience engineering insulation blankets and pads designed to resist factors like extreme heat, high pressure, vibration, moisture, oil, chemicals, and steam. Utilizing our entire range of in-house high-temperature fabrics including Zetex® Fiberglass Fabrics, Z-Tuff® Silicone and PTFE Fabrics, and Z-Flex® Aluminized Fabrics, our engineers and technical team will collaborate with you to develop, prototype, and test custom insulation blankets tailored to your high-temperature application.

Generally, insulation blankets are constructed of three or more layers: a hot side material that faces the pipe, engine, or source of heat; an insulation layer often made of ceramic or fiberglass mat for thermal insulation; and then a cold side jacketing material designed to resist external elements like moisture or chemicals.  

For almost four decades, Fortune 500 companies and military organizations, including the United States Air Force, have been using custom insulation blankets designed and fabricated by Newtex.

Common Applications

  • Tank insulation blankets
  • Steam pipe insulation covers
  • Turbo covers
  • Turbine blankets and reactor blankets
  • Removable insulation pads
  • Fabric expansion joints

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