Heat Resistant Fabrics

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Newtex manufactures a range of heat resistant fabrics including Zetex® and ZetexPlus® woven fiberglass fabrics, Z-Flex® aluminized fabric, and Z-Shield™ Salmon welding blanket. These heat resistant fabrics are used to fabricate personal protective apparel, heat shields, pipe insulation, welding blankets, and other thermal insulation and fire protection products.

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High temperature fabrics for the fabrication of welding protection, insulation blankets, and PPE

Image of 3M Nextel Fabric
3M Nextel Fabric 

3M Nextel Ceramic Insulation Fabrics are woven from continuous filament ceramic oxide fibers and represent a major advancement in refractory fiber technology.

Image of Zetex Fiberglass Fabric
Zetex Fiberglass Fabric 

Zetex and ZetexPlus woven fiberglass fabrics provide thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and protection from heat and fire.

Image of Z-Flex Aluminized Fabric
Z-Flex Aluminized Fabric 

Aluminized fabrics are used as heat shields to protect from extreme radiant heat, high temperatures, sparks, slag, and molten metal splash.

Image of Z-Block Fire & Smoke
Z-Block Fire & Smoke 

Z-Block flame retardant fabrics are commonly used in fire protection systems like fire containment covers and fire curtains.

Image of Z-Shield Welding Fabric
Z-Shield Welding Fabric 

Z-Shield acrylic coated welding fabrics are used as welding blankets and welding curtains for spark protection and welding safety.

Image of Z-Tuff Silicone & PTFE
Z-Tuff Silicone & PTFE 

Z-Tuff silicone fabrics and Z-Tuff PTFE fabrics are designed for abrasion and heat resistance and commonly used as pipe insulation jackets to protect from outdoor elements.

Image of Z-Sil Silica Fabric
Z-Sil Silica Fabric 

Z-Sil is a flexible, high-silica fabric for the most extreme temperatures. Silica fabric is commonly used in welding blankets and welding curtains for stainless steel welding applications.

Image of Z-Fil Fiberglass Cloth
Z-Fil Fiberglass Cloth 

Z-Fil filament fiberglass fabrics are strong and lightweight heat resistant fabrics commonly used as facing material in insulation pads and gasketing applications.

Image of Z-Tech Aramid Fabric
Z-Tech Aramid Fabric 

Aramid fabrics provide superior abrasion resistance. Commonly known by the brand name “Kevlar®”, these high temperature fabrics are often used in safety gloves and other flame retardant clothing.

Image of Ceramic Fabric
Ceramic Fabric 

Ceramic Fabrics Withstand Extreme Temperatures up to 2300F

Image of Coating Options
Coating Options 

High temperature coatings can enhance heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and performance