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Advanced Fire Entry Suits Protect from Flashover and Flame Engulfment

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The X Series represents the most significant step forward in proximity suits and fire entry suits in decades. Designed for superior fit, comfort, and freedom of movement, the X Series heat suits feature the latest advances in material science and apparel design. 

All X Series fire entry suits feature an advanced Z-Flex® Aluminized Fabric outer shell which delivers lightweight radiant heat protection, fire protection, durability, and comfort. Z-Flex® has been tested extensively and proven to outperform all competitive aluminized fabrics.

The X Series fire entry suits are designed for the most extreme high temperature applications including emergency response and standby operations, kiln maintenance, and other scenarios where extended duration of exposure to extreme heat, flashover, and flame engulfment may occur. Newtex has been manufacturing fire entry suits and testing them with live fire walks for more than 30 years. 

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X Series fire entry suits protect from flames and engulfment in the most extreme environments

Image of X50 Kiln
X50 Kiln 

The X50 Kiln Suit is a well-insulated aluminized suit designed for use in kiln and furnace maintenance operations.

Image of X50 SD Fire Entry
X50 SD Fire Entry 

The X50 Short Duration Fire Entry Suit is a well-insulated aluminized suit designed to protect from flash-over.

Image of X60 Advanced Fire Entry
X60 Advanced Fire Entry 

The X60 Advanced Fire Entry Suit protects from the extreme heat and flames during fire entry.