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Z-Block™ commercial fire & smoke curtains channel smoke and prevent the spread of fire

Newtex manufactures commercial fire and smoke curtains including custom static and automatic fire containment curtains, draft curtains, and elevator smoke curtains. Utilizing our four decades of experience in high temperature fabrics, we developed Z-Block™ Flame Retardant Fabrics, specifically designed to channel smoke and prevent the spread of fire. Fire and smoke curtains are intended to work in parallel with fire alarms and fire suppression systems to deliver more comprehensive fire risk mitigation.

Z-Block™ Fire and Smoke Curtains are now used in some of the newest malls, tallest buildings, and largest military and commercial warehouses and hangars around the world for the purpose of fire containment. We partner with leading automation and engineering firms to deliver automated fire and smoke curtains to your custom specifications, and we contract with experienced partners for field engineering and installation work. Wherever a static fire and smoke curtain is needed, we are often able to support directly.  

Z-Block™ fabrics are commonly used in systems that meet the UL 10B and UL 10D standards for fire tested doors and fire protective curtains.

Our custom fire containment curtain fabrication capabilities include:

Rolling Curtains and Doors: These vertically deploying fire and smoke curtains drop down when needed to isolate fire and channel smoke. Rolling curtains can be installed in any commercial building. Rolling doors are commonly used in shipping and transportation as fire-resistant doors for Unit Load Devices (ULDs).

Draft Curtains: These lightweight, static panels are designed to channel smoke in the rafter area out through the appropriate vents.

Accordion Curtains: These folding fire and smoke curtains are designed for building interiors with unusual angles and tight corners.
Z-Block™ Fabric has been tested to the following standards:

  • ISO 12236 - Static Puncture Test
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part III - Flame Penetration Resistance
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part IV - Heat Release Rate
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part V - Smoke Density
  • ASTM D6413 - Vertical Flame Resistance
  • ASTM E-84 - Surface Flame Spread and Smoke Density
  • ASTM F-955 - Molten Metal Resistance
  • ASTM E-119 - Furnace Tested
  • UL 1784 - Smoke Penetration
  • BSS 7239 - Non-Toxicity of Products of Combustion

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