Proscenium Fire Containment Curtains

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Proscenium fire containment curtains are used for fire safety in theaters and auditoriums

Newtex’s custom-made proscenium fire containment curtain is used for fire safety in theaters, school auditoriums, and other public performance areas. Most city and state-mandated building codes require the use of proscenium fire containment curtains , which are lowered in the event of a fire on stage to protect the audience from smoke and flames as the area is evacuated. Fabricated from ZetexPlus® Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric, the ZetexPlus® Proscenium Fire Containment Curtain has been tested to ensure they exceed nationally recognized fire codes . They are listed and approved by the California State Fire Marshal's Office and the New York City Department of Buildings.

Brail Type Proscenium Fire Containment Curtains
This accordion-folded fire containment curtain is used when the space above the proscenium is half or less than the height of the proscenium opening. Brail proscenium curtains are folded accordion style and stored above the proscenium.

Straight Lift Proscenium Fire Containment Curtains
These simple fire containment curtains feature an unfolded design that can be used when the space above the proscenium is at least twice the height of the proscenium opening. Straight lift proscenium curtains are stored straight (without folds) above the proscenium.

ZetexPlus® Smoke Seals
Smoke seals close the gap between the fire containment curtain and proscenium wall, preventing smoke from escaping and reaching the audience.

Border Curtains
Border curtains are often wrapped around stage lighting. Border curtains are used as the first line of defense to limit damage and prevent the spread of fire.

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