High Temperature Coating Options

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Newtex offers over 20 standard high temperature coatings, treatments, and laminates that can be applied to most of our high temperature fabrics – including our original Zetex® fiberglass fabric – to meet the performance requirements of your application. Select from high temperature coatings and laminates to boost resistance to vapor, weathering, oil, water, chemical attack, abrasion wear, flexural fatigue and UV radiation, or from high temperature treatments that improve handling and ease of fabrication. We can also combine high temperature coatings or apply advanced engineering and manufacturing to develop a custom solution for your application.


Image of Z-Flex Aluminization

Z-Flex Aluminization 

Z-Flex® Aluminized Film reflects 95% of radiant heat and will not de-laminate even under the most extreme conditions.

Image of ZetexPlus Vermiculite

ZetexPlus Vermiculite 

ZetexPlus® proprietary vermiculite treatment boosts temperature resistance

Image of Z-Block FS

Z-Block FS 

Z-Block is a virtually impenetrable fire, smoke, & weather resistant coating.

Image of Z-Shield Acrylics

Z-Shield Acrylics 

Z-Shield acrylic coatings increase performance for materials used in welding & hot works applications.

Image of Z-Tuff Coatings

Z-Tuff Coatings 

Silicone and PTFE coatings resist weather, water, chemicals, and oil. Silicone provides better UV, water, and abrasion resistance than PTFE.

Image of Color Dyes

Color Dyes 

Color treatments are used for ease of identification and improved handling

Image of Fabric Treatments

Fabric Treatments 

FAB Treatment enhances fabric properties and reduces airborne fibers to make them easier to cut, handle, and sew.

Image of Rewettable Coating

Rewettable Coating 

The Re-wettable Coating is a water activated clay that dries hard to form a heat resistant barrier.