Zetex and ZetexPlus Fiberglass Tapes

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Zetex® Fiberglass Tapes and ZetexPlus® Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Tapes are used in a broad range of applications including high temperature gasketing, sealing, packing, lagging, thermal insulation, and encapsulation. These high temperature tapes are commonly wrapped around water and steam pipes, hydraulic lines, and auto exhaust. 

Zetex® Fiberglass Tape is woven from highly texturized 6 micron (DE glass) yarns and treated with an over-spray process to preserve the texturized weave in fabrication and use. ZetexPlus® Tapes are then treated with a proprietary vermiculite coating for improved temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. Our fiberglass tapes and high temperature coatings are made from inorganic materials, so they will not produce hazardous out-gassing.

Zetex® Fiberglass Tapes support operating temperatures up to 1000°F / 540°C and peak temperatures to 1300°F / 700°C. ZetexPlus® Vermiculite tapes support operating temperatures up to 1500°F / 815°C and peak temperatures to 2000°F / 1095°C.

Zetex® and ZetexPlus® Tapes are available in Wire Reinforced Tape styles woven with stainless steel wire for added strength and vibration resistance or in Bolt-Hole Tape styles woven without warp yarns in the center for bolt insertion applications. Newtex also manufactures fiberglass tapes treated with a Z-Shield Hullboard coating. Hullboard Tape is designed to be used as lagging aboard ships.

Zetex® and ZetexPlus® Tapes come in coreless, 100 ft (30.48 m) rolls unless otherwise noted. Custom widths (up to 8"), lengths, and weaves are also available. Minimum order requirements apply.

We sell fiberglass tapes in full cases only (10 rolls), however, some styles are also available for purchase by the roll on Amazon Prime.


Image of Zetex Tapes

Zetex Tapes 

Premium grade Zetex tapes are strong, flexible, and provide superior thermal insulation.

Image of ZetexPlus Tapes

ZetexPlus Tapes 

ZetexPlus Vermiculite tapes are treated with a vermiculite coating for increased temperature and abrasion resistance.

Image of Wire Reinforced Tapes

Wire Reinforced Tapes 

Wire reinforced tapes are woven with stainless steel wire for added strength and vibration resistance.

Image of Bolt Hole Tapes

Bolt Hole Tapes 

Bolt hole tape, sometimes known as drop warp tape, is woven without warp yarns in the center to support bolt insertion in applications like flange gasketing.

Image of Z-Shield Hullboard Tapes

Z-Shield Hullboard Tapes 

Hull board tapes are coated with a high durability acrylic (HDA) for use with Naval ship hull board.