• Applications & Industries

Applications & Industries

Newtex Performance Materials are commonly used in refineries, foundries, shipyards, military & defense projects, construction sites, power generation, process equipment & petrochemical plants, and other environments. Learn more about the high temperature products that Newtex offers for your specific application or industry.


  • Thumbnail Image of Gasketing & Sealing Application

    Gasketing & Sealing

    Specialized line of asbestos-free tapes and ropes for use in high temperature gasketing and packing applications.

  • Thumbnail Image of Insulation, Lagging & Covers Application

    Insulation, Lagging & Covers

    High temperature materials for producing removable insulation, expansion joints, and other fabricated systems.

  • Thumbnail Image of Moisture & Chemical Barrier Application

    Moisture & Chemical Barrier

    Our Range of Inorganic Coatings Provide Moisture, Chemical, Abrasion, & Weather Resistance

  • Thumbnail Image of Personal Protective Apparel Application

    Personal Protective Apparel

    Fiberglass, Aramid, and Aluminized Materials for Extreme Protective PPE

  • Thumbnail Image of Radiant Heat Control Application

    Radiant Heat Control

    Protect workers and equipment from radiant heat in foundries, steel mills, and industrial fire fighting applications.

  • Thumbnail Image of Smoke Control & Containment Application

    Smoke Control & Containment

    We Manufacture Fabrics, Curtains, Coatings, & Containment Units Designed to Control Smoke

  • Thumbnail Image of Welding & Fire Protection Application

    Welding & Fire Protection

    Protective fabrics for use in applications where molten metal splatter and hot works operations pose serious fire hazards.


  • Thumbnail Image of Aircraft & Cargo Transport Industry

    Aircraft & Cargo Transport

    Fire Protection for Aircraft and Cargo Transportation

  • Thumbnail Image of Architectural & Construction Industry

    Architectural & Construction

    Protect Building Materials & Workers from Sparks and Other High Temperature Hazards

  • Thumbnail Image of Automotive & Transportation Industry

    Automotive & Transportation

    Automotive Heat Shields and Thermal Insulation Solutions for Improved Performance

  • Thumbnail Image of Firefighting Industry


    NFPA Certified Radiant Heat Protection for Proximity Firefighting

  • Thumbnail Image of Food & Other Processing Industry

    Food & Other Processing

    High Temperature Insulation, Sealing, & Protective Products Ensure Efficiency & Keep Personnel Safe

  • Thumbnail Image of Foundry Casting & Glass Industry

    Foundry Casting & Glass

    High Temperature Fabrics & Protective Apparel for Handling & Transporting Hot Metal & Glass

  • Thumbnail Image of Home Fire Safety Industry

    Home Fire Safety

    Newtex manufactures home fire safety products for grilling safety, fire pit safety, and battery fire protection.

  • Thumbnail Image of Military & Homeland Security Industry

    Military & Homeland Security

    Materials for protection from high temperatures, fire, sparks, and molten metal splash.

  • Thumbnail Image of Petroleum & Chemicals Industry

    Petroleum & Chemicals

    Insulation, sealing, and protective products for ensuring operational performance and for protecting workers and facilities.

  • Thumbnail Image of Power Generation Industry

    Power Generation

    Performance materials and protective equipment used to support safety requirements and improve efficiency by preventing the escape of fugitive gases.

  • Thumbnail Image of Shipbuilding & Marine Industry

    Shipbuilding & Marine

    Products for thermal and acoustic insulation and for protecting workers and facilities during metal working operations.