Z-Shield Welding Fabrics

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Welding Fabrics for Spark and Fire Protection

Z-Shield™ Welding fabrics are used in industries like shipbuilding, power generation, chemical processing, oil and gas for welding spark protection for both people and equipment, molten metal splatter, and hot works operations. Z-Shield™ Welding fabrics are woven from fiberglass yarns and coated with a fire-resistant acrylic for superior resistance sparks, abrasion, slag, and burn-through.

Z-Shield™ F-407 Salmon is the most popular Newtex welding fabric. The salmon welding blanket is lightweight, at 15 oz, making it ideal for vertical spark protection. The salmon color is the industry standard for welding curtains used in shipbuilding and ship repair.

In addition to Z-Shield™ Salmon, we offer a variety of welding fabric styles to support applications ranging from light welding and grinding to heavy welding, metal cutting, and stress relieving.

  • Lightweight welding fabrics: 15 oz Z-Shield™ fabrics are available in Salmon, Bull Dog Red, or Black. Lightweight welding fabrics are most commonly used for curtains because they are flexible and easily draped.
  • Midweight welding fabrics: 30 oz Z-Shield™ fabrics are available in Black. Midweight welding fabrics are sturdy and abrasion resistance, a good fit for a range of vertical and horizontal welding protection.
  • Heavyweight welding fabrics: At more than 30 oz, Newtex’s heavyweight welding fabrics are coated with reflective silver pigment on one side to reflect radiant energy while also providing welding spark protection.
  • Hull Board Facing: These lightweight fire resistant fabrics are intended for use as hull board covering or lagging for acoustic and thermal insulation and fireproofing.

In response to NFPA 51B, Z-shield™ Welding fabrics have been tested to meet ANSI / FM4950. The tests are intended to evaluate materials being used in hot works operations.

In addition to Z-Shield™, we manufacture a number of other high temperature roll goods that are commonly used for welding protection. Other options include:


Image of Z-Shield Lightweight Welding Fabric

Z-Shield Lightweight Welding Fabric 

Z-Shield Salmon and Z-Shield Bulldog Red are flexible and easy to drape welding fabrics, commonly used in ship repair and maintenance.

Image of Z-Shield Midweight Welding Fabric

Z-Shield Midweight Welding Fabric 

Z-Shield Gold and Z-Shield Black are relatively heavy and sturdy acrylic coated texturized fiberglass fabrics.

Image of Z-Shield Heavyweight Welding Fabric

Z-Shield Heavyweight Welding Fabric 

Z-Shield Silver is a heavier fiberglass fabric coated with reflective silver pigment to reflect radiant energy while providing welding spark protection.

Image of Z-Shield Hull Board Facing

Z-Shield Hull Board Facing 

Z-Shield HB is designed for use with Naval ship hull board and meets the US Navy's environmental requirements.