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Silica and Glass Mat

High Temperature Silica and Glass Mats for Industrial Insulation up to 1800F

Silica and Glass Mat are often incorporated into multi-layer pads and blankets designed for industrial insulation applications like improving the operational efficiency of heat processing equipment, conserving energy, protecting workers from hot pipes and machinery, and reducing noise pollution. The primary difference between these two types of heat resistant mats is that Glass Mat is a stronger and more durable option while Silica can withstand higher temperatures.

Newtex’s Glass Mat products are comprised of needled E Glass fibers, a glass composition recognized for its strength and heat resistance. Glass Mat can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F / 650°C and is available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.25” to 1.5”. Glass Mat is sold in full rolls only. A full roll ranges from 225 to 750 square feet of material, depending on the style selected.

Silica Mat can withstand even higher temperatures than Glass Mat due to its high-silica composition, withstanding temperatures up to 1800°F / 980°C. However, the increased temperature resistance comes at the cost of reduced strength. Available in ½” or 1.0” thicknesses, Silica Mat is sold in full rolls only. A full roll ranges from 99 square feet to 315 square feet, depending on the style selected.

Newtex also has custom fabrication capabilities and can manufacture custom silica or glass mat high temperature insulation systems for your specific application. Visit the Newtex Engineered Systems section of our website to learn more.

Common Applications

  • High temperature insulation
  • Inner layers of multi-layer insulation blankets and pads
  • Convective heat protection in heavily insulated high temperature mitts and fire entry suits