Petroleum & Chemicals

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Extreme thermal protection is required in petrochemical and refinery facilities for the processing of hydrocarbons, as it involves the use of heat and volatile chemicals. Newtex offers a broad range of products for use throughout these facilities, including insulation and sealing products for ensuring operational performance as well as protective apparel and equipment for protecting workers and facilities.


Application Description Recommended Products
Thermal Insulation & Heat Shielding Fabrics and tapes used to create pads, blankets, curtains, shields, and wraps to retain heat within a system or protect equipment and spaces from a heat source.
Insulation Facing Facing for thermal and acoustical insulation provides protection from moisture, mechanical damage, and air ablation
Lagging & Encapsulation Rewettable fabrics and tape used to encapsulate hazardous materials and allow painting
Removable Insulation Systems Fabrics and glass mat insulation used for custom pre-fabricated insulation systems allowing access for maintenance and repair
Fabric Expansion Joints Multi-layer fabric systems used as expansion compensators in high temperature processing equipment, piping, and in architectural systems for expansion and fire barriers.
Gasketing & Sealing Tapes & Ropes used for a wide range of sealing purposes, from mold and oven seals to flange gasketing and pipe wrap.
Welding & Hot Works Protection Equipment/personal protection against grinding sparks and extreme heat.
Fire Barriers Flexible, passive insulation systems and curtains used to prevent the spread of fire.
Personal Protective Equipment Fabrics used for high temperature hand protection, fire entry suits, proximity suits, and other high temperature safety apparel