Poster Image of Firefighting Application/Industry

Z-Flex Aluminized Fabrics are used in leading proximity gear and protective apparel designed for airport rescue firefighting (ARFF), industrial firefighting, and other proximity firefighting operations. Z-Flex is the top choice for many proximity suit manufacturers because it is the most protective and durable aluminized fabric available.

Z-Flex Silver fabrics are specifically designed for aircraft rescue proximity firefighting. These NFPA 1971:2013 component certified fabrics are used in proximity gear manufactured by leading fabricators including Fire-Dex, Honeywell Morning Pride, and Innotex.  Z-Flex Silver NFPA certified fabrics are also available in an NFPA certified breathable style called Z-Flex Air. These perforated aluminized fabrics provide the same radiant heat protection as standard Z-Flex fabrics.

Z-Flex Aluminized fiberglass, rayon, and aramid fabrics are used to sew proximity firefighting gear and fire entry suits for industrial environments like foundries and heat processing facilities. 

All Z-Flex Aluminized Fabrics reflect up to 95% of intense radiant heat up to 3000F / 1650 C and protect from flames, sparks, and molten metal splash.

In addition to selling Z-Flex fabrics to apparel manufacturers, Newtex also manufactures our own line of proximity suits and fire entry suits designed for industrial proximity firefighting operations. The X Series suits range from single-layer lightweight proximity suits to heavily insulated fire entry suits designed for high temperature industrial environments.

*The image above is courtesy of the San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center


Application Description Recommended Products
Fabrics for NFPA Certified Proximity Firefighting Gear Z-Flex Silver is a protective and durable NFPA 1971:2013 certified outer shell suitable for exposure to extreme temperatures at a close range.
Fabrics for Industrial Proximity Firefighting Gear Z-Flex fiberglass, rayon, and aramid fabrics are protective, durable, and resistant to flames, sparks, and molten metal splash.
Proximity Firefighting Suits Proximity suits designed for foundry and industrial high temperature operations. Manufactured by Newtex with Z-Flex Fabrics.
EN 1486 Certified Proximity Suits An EN 1486 certified proximity suit designed for airport rescue proximity firefighting
Fire entry Suits Heavily insulated fire entry suits protect from flashover and engulfment. Manufactured by Newtex with Z-Flex fabrics.