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Newtex's Z-Flex Silver Aluminized Fabrics are used in leading proximity gear and protective apparel designed for airport rescue firefighting (ARFF), industrial firefighters, and other specialized firefighting operations. Z-Flex Silver fabrics are NFPA 1971:2013 component certified for use in firefighting applications. NFPA certified proximity gear made with Z-Flex Silver is currently available from many leading manufacturers of emergency response PPE including Fire-Dex, Honeywell Morning Pride, and Innotex.

Z-Flex Aramid and Z-Flex O-PAN Aluminized Fabrics are commonly used in industrial firefighting gear.

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*The image above is courtesy of the San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center


Application Description Recommended Products
NFPA Certified Proximity Gear Z-Flex Silver is a protective and durable NFPA 1971:2013 certified outer shell suitable for exposure to extreme temperatures at a close range.
PPE for Industrial Firefighting Z-Flex Aramid, O-PAN, and Glass Fabrics are protective, durable, and resistant to flames, sparks, and molten metal splash.