Aircraft & Cargo Transport

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On a daily basis, an infinite number of flammable goods are transported from one location to another. These flammable goods present a fire hazard to neighboring cargo and the people in their vicinity.

Newtex fire containment solutions for use in passenger aircraft, cargo aircraft, ground transport, and container ships save lives and preserve property by preventing the spread of fire. Newtex's fire containment solutions include fire containment bags for small electronic devices, fire containment covers for pallets, and custom fire containment solutions to fit almost any need.

Fire containment bags contain fires caused by  Lithium-Ion batteries in personal electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Fire containment bags are most often used aboard aircraft and in contained spaces, but fire-resistant bags can be used anywhere that a battery fire is a concern. Newtex’s fire containment bag is sold in a kit that includes a pair of high temperature gloves and a fire blanket used to knock down flames and safely transfer a burning device into the fire containment bag. 

Fire containment covers (FCC) are used to prevent the spread of fire among pallets in cargo holds on commercial passenger planes, cargo aircraft, container ships, and during ground transport. The FireCape™ Fire Containment Cover envelopes the entire pallet to ensure a fire does not spread to neighboring pallets while intentionally venting enough smoke to alert an alarm and sprinkler system. 

Typically during a fire emergency, a pilot has only 17 minutes to land before experiencing catastrophic consequences. The FireCape™ provides life-saving fire protection by extending that window of time from 17 minutes to 6 or more hours. The FireCape™ Fire Containment Cover has TSO-C203 certification from the FAA.

Custom fire containment solutions are also available for unique fire containment challenges. Newtex can prototype and test custom fire containment solutions for any type of flammable material. We’ve worked with customers to develop passive fire protection systems for chemical totes, larger electronic devices, and hazardous waste receptacles. We can conduct internal fire testing and work with 3rd party labs to meet any required certifications.


Application Description Recommended Products
Fire containment for electronic devices Contain fires caused by the Lithium-Ion batteries in laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Fire containment for cargo and pallets Prevent a cargo fire from spreading among pallets during storage or transport.
Custom fire containment solutions Work with Newtex to develop a custom solution for your equipment or flammable goods