Smoke Control & Containment

Poster Image of Smoke Control & Containment Application/Industry

Z-Block and ZetexPlus fabrics are commonly used in static and automotic fire and smoke curtains, fire and smoke shields for roofs, buildings, and heavy equipment, and Fire Containment Covers (FCC's) / Unit Load Devices for fire and smoke containment aboard cargo planes. We sell these fabrics in rolls, but we also have the capability to design and engineer custom fire and smoke control systems. Visit our Newtex Engineered Systems page to learn more about our custom high temperature solutions.


Application Description Recommended Products
Fire & Smoke Curtains Lightweight, flexible fire & smoke curtains that are virtually impenetrable to fire, smoke, and weather. We can fabricate custom curtains internally, or we can provide you with the material you need to fabricate the curtains elsewhere.
Fire Containment Covers & Unit Load Devices Containment systems designed to contain smoke and fire in commercial aircraft cargo bays. We can fabricate these multilayer, tested units internally or provide you with the materials you need to fabricate them elsewhere.