High Temperature Textiles & Engineered Solutions for Thermal Management & Fire Protection

For over 35 years, Newtex has provided the highest quality texturized fiberglass fabrics, tapes & ropes for challenging high temperature insulation and fire protection applications. With Zetex, we offered the first true replacement for asbestos fabrics. Today, the spirit of innovation continues with our leading Z-Flex multilayer aluminized fabrics and Z-Block, the most effective smoke and fire barrier available. Our expertise also includes high temperature, flame retardant coatings and laminations that block fire, smoke, welding slag, and radiant energy emitted by fires and furnaces.

Our Engineered Systems team offers custom solutions through integrated design, prototyping, fabrication and testing services. From aircraft cargo fire containment, to military heat shielding, to smoke curtains for large public spaces, we can create solutions for almost any fire, smoke, or high temperature challenge.

Our high temperature protective gear is superior because we strive to continuously innovate, test and improve on our designs. Our insulated proximity, kiln, and fire entry suits, high temperature gloves and mitts, and aluminized clothing will ensure that your workers return home safely at the end of each day.