• X Series Instructions for Use (PDF)

  • High Temp Fabrics (PDF)

  • Fire Containment Bag (PDF)

  • ZetexPlus Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Rewettable Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Fabrication Treated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Regular Treated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Zetex Untreated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Air - Japanese (PDF)

  • Z-Block Fiberglass SDS (PDF)

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive SDS (PDF)

  • PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread SDS (PDF)

  • EN Certifications for Hand Protection (PDF)

  • REACH Registration

  • RoHS Compliance

  • Z-Rock Basalt Tape (PDF)

  • X50 Kiln Suit (PDF)

  • X50 Short Duration Fire Entry Suit (PDF)

  • X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit (PDF)

  • Ropes (PDF)

  • Tapes and Tubings (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Battery Fire Containment (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Turbine Blankets (PDF)

  • NXP 750 Insulated Proximity Suit (PDF)

  • NXP 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits (PDF)

  • NXP 150 & 550 Lightweight Proximity Suits (PDF)

  • NXP 750 Kiln Suit (PDF)

  • Insulation Fabrics (PDF)

  • Welding Fabrics (PDF)

  • Z-Block (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Silver Aluminized Fabrics (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Aluminized Fabrics (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card in Spanish (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Aluminized Personal Protective Apparel (PDF)

  • Z-Flex MLA Aluminized Products SDS (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Air P-202 - Chinese (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Air O-422 for Industrial PPE (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Advancements in Aluminized Materials for Firefighting (PDF)

  • X30 Industrial Proximity Suit (PDF)

  • FireCape brochure and testing data (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Cleaning and Care Instructions (PDF)

  • X60 Advanced Fire Entry Suit (PDF)

  • X30 Proximity Fire Fighting Suit (PDF)

  • Newtex Performance Materials Overview (PDF)

  • Gloves and Mitts (PDF)

  • X10 Ultra-Lite Proximity Suit (PDF)

  • Sizing Chart (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Cleaning, Care & Maintenance (PDF)

  • Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)

  • Z-Flex Air P-202 for Firefighting (PDF)

  • Application Bulletin: Pipe Insulation (PDF)

  • Bib Apron | Sizing & Additional Information (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card in Chinese (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card (PDF)

  • 3M Nextel Technical Reference Guide (PDF)

  • Battery Fire Risk Mitigation (PDF)

  • FireCape Fire Containment Cover (PDF)

  • FireCape Fire Containment Cover - Japanese (PDF)

  • Hand Protect Catalog - Japanese (PDF)

  • X Series Line Card - Japanese (PDF)

  • X10 Ultra-Lite Proximity Suit - Japanese (PDF)

  • X20 Lightweight Proximity Suit - Japanese (PDF)

  • Corespun Para Aramid Products SDS (PDF)

  • Oil Water Repel Treated Products SDS (PDF)

  • Newtex Engineered Systems Overview (PDF)

  • Newtex Extreme Protective Overview (PDF)

  • Z-Block - Japanese (PDF)

  • ZetexPlus Proscenium Fire Curtains (PDF)

  • ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

  • Z-Block Fire and Smoke Curtains (PDF)

  • Zetex Steel Wire Reinforced Fabrics (PDF)

  • NFPA 1971 Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

  • Coatings and Treatments (PDF)

  • X40 Insulated Proximity Suit (PDF)

  • X50 Kiln Entry Suit (PDF)

  • Heat Resistant Tapes and Sleeves (PDF)


  • Product Video - Into the Heart of a Fire

  • Product Video - 2000 & 3000 Fire Entry Suits

  • Product Video - BBC “How to Grow a Planet”

  • Product Video - Drone vs. Volcano


  • Newtex Acquires Thermostatic Industries, Inc

    By acquiring Thermostatic Industries, Newtex will add West Coast distribution and expand its portfolio of high temp solutions
  • Z-Block™ Fire Containment Bag Trusted to Safeguard Against Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

    The Z-Block™ FCB is designed to contain fires caused by the Li-Ion batteries used to power laptops & personal electronic devices
  • Newtex Introduces TSO Approved FireCape® Fire Containment Covers

    Newtex enthusiastically received TSO-C203 approval for the FireCape® FCC from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Newtex Wins the Rochester Business Journal’s “Best of the Web” Award

    The Rochester Business Journal recognized with the 2016 “Best of the Web” award in the Manufacturing category.
  • HoverCover featured in CBS Money Watch

    "Hoverboards create new market: fire-resistant bags" on CBS Money Watch
  • Newtex Develops the HoverCover Fire Resistant Hoverboard Bag

    The HoverCover™ Fire Resistant Hoverboard Bag is designed to contain flames and explosions and to prevent fire from spreading.
  • Newtex Featured in Small Business SpotLight

    Newtex was featured in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle's Small Business Spotlight on November 8, 2015
  • Newtex Introduces the X Series

    New athletically-inspired proximity & fire entry suits engineered using the latest performance materials and apparel design
  • Newtex Introduces Z-Flex Air

    Newtex Introduces Z-Flex Air – Breathable Aluminized Fabrics for Firefighting and Industrial Operations
  • The “Volcano Diver” Trusts Newtex Extreme Protective

    The "Volcano Diver” repelled into the Marum Crater lava lake wearing a Newtex X Series Proximity Suit
  • Newtex Supports Two Bit Circus’ STEAM Gala

    Newtex donated an X30 Proximity Suit to the STEAM Gala in support of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math education.
  • Newtex and Trip & Co. Introduce the FireCape™ Cargo Fire Containment Cover

    Newtex and Trip & Co. Collaborate to Design, Manufacture, and Distribute FireCape Fire Containment Covers for Safe Transport
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    A Safe and Effective Way to Clean Z-Flex® Silver Aluminized Proximity Shells
  • Bal Dixit revisits time at Newtex Industries

    The Democrat and Chronicle interviewed Newtex's Founder, Bal Dixit
  • Cargo Fire Containment Covers

    Newtex’s Technical Advancements Reduce the Risk of Fatal Lithium Ion Battery Fires Aboard Aircrafts
  • Z-Flex Silver Proximity Shell

    Newtex Introduces NFPA Certified Z-Flex Silver at FDIC 2012
  • Z-Flex Multilayer Aluminization

    Newtex Introduces Z-Flex, the Next Generation of Multilayer Aluminized Fabrics


  • Maintenance Mechanic

    Manages all mechanical, electrical, and high pressure systems in the facility and associated with textile and coating machinery
  • Laboratory Technician

    The Laboratory Technician will be involved in Quality, Technical, and Product Development activities.
  • Account Manager